Untamed Drumtraks and TOM for Kontakt!

One of our most beloved drum machine sample libraries is now in Kontakt format with extras!

Selectable analog gear including API, Neve, and Dbx 165a compressors, and Lexicon reverbs where you can blend them to your heart's content!

We have recorded every single hit from the two cool drum machines with every pitch available on the machines and created a custom Kontakt GUI so you can pitch them with the original algorithm which has loads of mojo!

These drum machines were in perfect condition when we recorded them using the best gear and best available D/A converters! And by recording them with the original pitches you pretty much are like getting the real machines in your DAW!

Here is a demo with the drum machines in action;


*24bit/48khz wave files

*Custom GUI and Kontakt script where you can use the original pitches of the machines!

*Recorded with hi-end analog gear with amazing D/A converters!

Take me to the drum machines!

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