Demarco Drums Vol.2!

We are back with volume 2 of one of our most beloved sample libraries!

Vintage Slingerland drum kit recorded to tape with awesome analog gear!

This chill but punchy sound is the latest craze with indie-pop producers and artists! Comes with a simple and cool-looking GUI where you can tune, pan, and change the volume and envelope of each drum!

Lots of round robins and velocity to make this kit sound super realistic!

Here is a video with the drums in action;

*24bit 48khz wave files!

*More than 20 round robins with many articulations!

*Wave files are included if you don't use Kontakt!

*Custom GUI with controls of volume, pan envelope and pitch!

We are proud to bring you sounds you can't find anywhere else!

Take me to the drums!

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