Currentsy Drums!

We are so excited to bring you this drum sound we love so much!

We finally nailed it!

A perfect blend of a real vintage kit, and electronic samples!

Natural lenght of a real kick blended with a woofy, hard hitting electronic kick! A Ludwig supro snare with an awesome attack and distortion from the Shure Se-30 compressor!

Unique-sounding vintage Zildjian hats and cymbals make this kit a truly unique blend between real drums and electronic drums!

We also added 90's RNB-sounding snaps and claps to add a cherry to the top!

Lots of variations between samples, recorded many times to give you a realistic, non-robotic sound!

Here is a demo with the samples in action;

*24bit 48khz wave files

We are excited to bring you sounds you can't find anywhere else!

Take me to the drums!

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