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Revolver Drums!

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Revolver Drums!


We are proud to introduce you to our take on the Revolver-era drum sound!

We have recorded a very cool late 60s Ludwig Black Oyster kit with all the vintage microphones used in this era like AKG D19, AKG D12, and Neumann! Also, we used a very Ringo-Esque Ludwig Jazzfestival snare!

We ran the drums through a Fairchild clone for some tube magic and also used RS124 compression

for excellent mojo and life but still, there is enough room for more processing on your part!

We have created a special Kontakt GUI for further customization;

Here is a demo with the drums in action;

*24bit/48khz wave files

* Wav files are included if you don't use Kontakt!

*Custom-made Kontakt GUI with options for Volume, Pan, Tune, and envelope of the drums!

We are excited to bring you sounds you can't find anywhere else!

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